Romi’s Autumn Shawl-Along


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Welcome to my autumn shawl-along! This shawl was designed using four colors of Coastal yarn, a lovely silk/merino/linen blend created by Elemental Affects and Sincere Sheep (who’ve also got some gorgeous kits for you)! Each skein is 205 yards, and it knits up as a sport weight yarn with a lovely drape and crispness. I’ve loved using it for mosaic!

The pattern will be released digitally in five installments, beginning on October 20, and there will be a YouTube live introduction with tips and tricks! This is not a mystery; you’ll see the whole shawl before we start, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have already seen a sneak peek! The pattern will be broken into five pieces total, with a 4pm (Pacific time) YouTube live intro to each, and each one week apart. You will receive access codes to view the lives, and if you are unable to be there “in person,” you will be able to access the recordings on my YouTube channel. The pattern with associated tips and tricks uses a “pay what you can” model to make it more accessible to more people, while helping me to defray some of the costs for my own time. It is also included in my 9 Lives eBook.

Feel free to substitute yarn, but please do not choose a yarn with less than 205 yards. Note when choosing colors: one of the colors needs to contrast well with each of the other three so that the mosaic pattern will show up properly.

**Questions and Answers:**

**Q:** Are there kits? **A:** Yes! Click through the following links to find kits at Elemental Affects and Sincere Sheep.

**Q:** Which color should be used to swatch? **A:** Less of Color 3 (natural) is used, so there’s more leeway there.

**Q:** Do I have to cut my yarn after swatching? I might need to use it. **A:** You don’t need to cut it! You can knit a little extra on your swatch so that you can wash the swatch and pin it to dry while still on the needle! It’s easier to do this if you use a circular needle, as you can put the stitches on the cable and stretch the swatch more. After you’ve gotten your measurements, just unravel the swatch and then steam out the kinks to get the yarn ready to use again!

This pattern uses a “pay what you can” model to make it more accessible to more people while helping me to defray some of the costs for my own time. It is also included in my 9 Lives eBook.If you wish to purchase only this pattern, you can do so at the following price points:

$15 – no coupon code needed
$11 – use coupon code ATLove1 in your shopping cart
$7 – use coupon code ATLove2 in your shopping cart

This listing is for a PDF placeholder with a description of the shawl-along; the downloadable hand knitting pattern will become available in your account on October 20. Another document with links to upcoming YouTube lives will also be added. The videos will kick off October 20, and will include five total, each one week apart, showing different techniques included in the shawl. You will still have access to the recording afterwards, and you will have unlimited access to the downloads through your account.

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This shawl is part of my 9 Lives eBook subscription series.

About the eBook subscription: the nine shawl patterns in the eBook will be delivered within a subscription period ending May 31, 2021. There is no specific delivery date for each pattern. All patterns will have charts and written instructions, and there will be one, two and three color patterns in different weights of yarn. Each pattern in this eBook will be available to purchase separately. Happy knitting!

Note that purchasing the eBook represents a significant discount over purchasing each pattern separately. No refunds can be given for buying the patterns separately and then, at a later date, purchasing the complete eBook. If you have made a single pattern purchase in error and wished to purchase the book instead, please contact me within a week to resolve the issue. Thank you!

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