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Have you all have seen that Ravelry group? Those brave and fearless souls who have signed on to knit 10 shawls in 2010? Well, it's been teasing at my brain for some time now. Ever since I first heard of it, my sane side has been trying to convince my crazy side that I shouldn't try to design 10 shawls in 2010. Guess who won?

I've already designed 3 shawls this year: Brandywine, Fiori di Sole and an as yet secret shawl due out in fall. That leaves 7. And that leads us to my quest!

I've become addicted to designing small shawls made of sock yarn and my sock yarn stash is growing. And growing. So I'm jumping in! I'm starting late, and I have 7 shawls to go before the end of this year. Can I do it? We shall soon find out!

The patterns will all go into an ebook, 7 Small Shawls to Knit, which you can "subscribe" to now! As a subscriber, you will receive periodic notices that there is a new pattern ready. Just go to the link provided and download your next copy of the book. Each update will include the past patterns, as well, so there is no need to keep lots of files. The update file will completely replace any older files.


Each of the shawl patterns will also be sold separately, but when you buy the entire collection as an ebook, you will also get other small patterns sprinkled here and there–at least 3 extras! Those extra projects will not be available for purchase alone. And with an ebook purchase, you'll already be getting at least 3 of the shawl patterns free, as well!

Each of the 7 shawls in this book is named after one of the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters of Greek mythology–nymph companions of Artemis–turned into stars to save them from Orion's pursuit. Follow along with me – I'll be blogging the progress I make through the design process: imagining, swatching, charting, testing and laying out the patterns while trying to live a normal life!

I can't tell you how excited I am about this project! I hope you will join me!

Downloadble pdf file. $20.00

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